Enhancing home care through infection diagnostics research

Recently, Oxford Academic Health Partners (OAHP) spoke with Specialist Practitioner Kirsty Bartlett about her research into how diagnostic tools could be used by practitioners in home settings to reduce the overprescribing of antibiotics for non-bacterial infections.

Enhancing home care through infection diagnostics research

Kirsty originally trained as a nurse and works in the Urgent Community Response Team at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. In 2022, Kirsty received the OAHP Research Development Award to fund the last stage of her Health and Sciences Open Awards MSC at Oxford Brookes University, which included a module on Advanced Research Design.

Kirsty shares her experience of trialling diagnostic tests that look for c-reactive proteins in a patients’ blood to quickly determine whether they have a bacterial or viral infection and reduce the risk of prescribing the wrong drugs which contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Read the article in full on the OAHP website.

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Published: 28 May 2024