Health Matters: Meet the speakers

Would you think you could have physiotherapy over a laptop screen? Yes, you can! Physio is just one of the therapies Oxford Health has been delivering by digital consultation.

Health Matters: Meet the speakers

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is a leader in digital health and has now conducted nearly 100,000 digital consultations.

Join us on Tuesday, November 17 at noon for our virtual Health Matters: Patient experience of digital consultations to hear from people who have had them. The event link is – see below for more guidance under How to take part.

Mrs Kay Perkins will tell us about her experience with the community respiratory service; Lisa Parker-Smith has had support on chronic fatigue syndrome; Peter has had physiotherapy, and Cheryl speech and language therapy. They have all told us about their experience on videos recorded for Health Matters.

Our other other speakers are:

Marie Crofts

Chief nurse Marie Crofts

Chief nurse Marie Crofts will chair our event. She has been a nurse for over 30 years and sits on our Board of Directors.

Marie said: “The past few months have been extraordinary for everyone. I am very pleased by how our clinicians and patients have embraced digital consultations. There are obvious advantages to remote consultations such as infection control, but the benefits go beyond that, for instance reducing time and cost of travel, or stress of parking, and generally making access to care more flexible. But at the heart of everything is patients’ experience and that’s why we are keen to hear from our audience at the Health Matters event.”

OLiver Shipp

Programme lead Oliver Shipp

Oliver Shipp is the trust lead for the Global Digital Exemplar programme and has 24 years of NHS experience. Since March he has specifically focused on the project to rapidly roll out digital consultations, to help patients continue to access important therapy whilst keeping them and their clinicians safely distanced. 

Oliver says: “I’m so grateful to our clinicians and project team for their outstanding work in becoming, to our knowledge, the first NHS trust in the whole country to surpass 100,000 digital consultations – that’s a truly amazing achievement!

“However, whilst we are clearly doing a lot, I’m now really keen to hear what patients have to tell us about the quality of these digital consultations, and what we can do to make them even better.”

Natasha Browne

CBT therapist and digital lead Natasha Browne

Natasha Browne has 10 years of NHS experience, and is currently working as a cognitive behavioural therapist and digital lead for Oxfordshire IAPT service TalkingSpace Plus. She has also been involved in the project team helping to roll out digital consultations within the trust.  

Natasha says: “It has been an exciting journey being a part of the project team and to see the development of digital consultations unfold across the trust.

“As a clinician I have also had the opportunity to have first-hand experience of the effectiveness of digital consultations for both staff and patients.”


How to take part

The event will be run as a live broadcast on Microsoft Teams and you will be able to join at Click on the link just before 12 noon on Tuesday, 17 November. If you’d like to receive a reminder of the link closer to the day, please sign up here

The easiest way to join is on your computer. If you are joining on a mobile or tablet, you may need to download the Teams appYou do not need to create an account as this meeting is set up for the public. Just press ‘Join meeting’ once the app is downloaded.  

Give us your feedback

If you or someone you care for has had digital consultations, we would like to know how you rated your digital consultation experience with Oxford Health. Please take this brief survey. It only takes a few minutes and answers are anonymous and confidential. 

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Published: 11 November 2020