‘What I’ve enjoyed in the community is you can work with patients on goals that are meaningful for them, whether that’s wanting to go back to tai chi or walking the dog,” says Gilly Atkins, one of the physiotherapists interviewed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists for an article about community physiotherapists, who work with people in their own homes rather than hospitals.

Clinical lead and physio Penny McCrabbe’s team includes occupational therapists, a mental health team as well as physios, who visit people in their own homes across North Oxfordshire, helping them recover without being in hospital.

One of their patients is Monica Brohm, 71 (pictured right), who is recovering from stroke. She said about the home visits “Those visits were precious to me. In hospital, the nurses are so, so busy. Once I got home I had to rehab all over again. Now, I feel there’s been a huge improvement.” Read more on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists website.

The community physiotherapy services run by Oxford Health are not part of the recent transfer of MSK services