Hospital visiting rules and face masks

Guidance around wearing face masks within Oxford Health services, including community and mental health inpatient wards and urgent care, have changed in line with new NHS guidance.

Hospital visiting rules and face masks

COVID-19 continues to circulate widely in our communities and the safety of our patients, visitors and staff remains our top priority.

Masks & Patients:  Patients are no longer routinely required to wear a facemask, unless they prefer to do so. However, patients will be required to wear a facemask under certain conditions e.g. if they have symptoms of a respiratory infection including COVID-19.

Masks & Visitors: You will be asked to wear a surgical facemask if visiting a patient with suspected/known respiratory infection including COVID-19. You may also be advised to wear a facemask if there is an outbreak of infection, or community cases increase.

Visiting rules – community and mental health wards

Please do not visit our hospitals if you have flu-like symptoms, COVID-19 symptoms, or feel unwell

  • All visitors will be expected to wash their hands/use alcohol gel upon entry and leaving the ward area.
  • Patients can receive up to two visitors for at least one hour per day or longer if acceptable to the ward.
  • Patients may have more than two visitors when meeting in the ward garden, subject to arrangement
  • Accompanied well-behaved children, who must be supervised, can be accommodated at ward’s discretion.

Please continue to clean your hands on entering any of our facilities and as often as possible using soap and water or hand sanitiser.


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Published: 21 June 2022