International Intensive Interaction Week

International Intensive Interaction Week

Come along to our intensive interaction workshops on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 October.

Monday 8 October marks the first day of International Intensive Interaction Week. Intensive interaction is an approach used with people with communication impairments. It improves communication skills and builds better relationships.

To achieve this, people supporting the individual adapt to the person’s communication methods and style. The focus of change is not on the person with communication difficulties but on the professional or family member. The method is used across the world with children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and dementia. The aim is make it easier for them to communicate with us by changing how we communicate with them.

Jules Mckim, Oxford Health NHS FT intensive interaction specialist care coordinator ​said: “Intensive interaction allows us to listen to people who are non-verbal. It gives a voice to the voiceless. It also supports the inclusion of people who are at great risk of social isolation and it does this on the person’s terms.”

Intensive interaction workshops:

Wednesday 10 October
Intensive Interaction Café
Oxford Community Support Services, Agwar Road from 10am to 12pm

The Intensive Interaction Café will have skilled practitioners with the latest books, articles and DVDs. This will be an opportunity to observe and practice intensive interaction. Please do come along – on your own, or with someone you support.

Thursday 11 October
Drop in sharing event
Abell House, room one from 2.30pm until 4.30pm

Drop in and information sharing event. Come along and find out more about the approach. Gain tips on how to engage with people who have severe communication impairments.

For further information please contact Jules on

For more information on intensive interaction visit the Oxford Health website.

Published: 3 October 2018