It’s International #hellomynameis Day!

Today, July 23, marks International #hellomynameis Day – a reminder that small details really do have a big impact in delivering outstanding compassionate care for our patients.

It’s International #hellomynameis Day!

The #hellomynameis campaign, created by the late Dr Kate Granger MP and her husband Chris Pointon, encapsulates four key principles that are wholly supported at Oxford Health.

All staff who come into contact with patients are encouraged to embrace it.

  • Always introduce yourself
  • Wear the badge
  • See the person not the condition or a bed number
  • Put patients at the heart of all decisions. ‘No decision about me, without me’

#hellomynameis evolved after Kate, who had terminal cancer, experienced  healthcare from a patient viewpoint rather than her role as a consultant geriatrician. She felt she was losing a sense of her personal identity.

It was a porter who was her taking her and operating theatre who said four words that restored Kate’s feeling of self worth: “hello my name is…

Today, members of the Oxford Health family are showing their support for the campaign.

Dr Nick Broughton (Chief Executive) said: “July 23 marks International #hellomynameis Day – it reminds us all, especially in healthcare, to always take a moment to introduce ourselves. A simple, ‘hello my name is Nick’ can put a patient at ease and restore self-worth.

“Oxford Health’s vision is that no matter who you are or where you are, you will tell us that you receive outstanding care delivered by an outstanding team. The little things really do matter – introducing ourselves might seem small but it can make a big difference, ensuring our patients feel valued, safe and cared for without losing their personal identity.

“We think of Dr Kate Granger MBE, her husband Chris Pointon and others who drive this campaign with an inspiring level of determination for make healthcare a better place for all.”

Marie Crofts (Chief Nurse) added: “#hellomynameis Day emphasises the importance of seeing all our patients as people and putting them at the heart of Oxford Health to provide truly person-centred compassionate care.

“We are here for our patients when they need it most and we understand it might be scary or worrying. Therefore, it’s important they know who we are and the #hellomynameis campaign is such a wonderfully simple yet transforming in how it can build a relationship. Whether it is one of our wards, Community Hospitals, Minor Injury Units or another of our services – the Oxford Health family will do all they can to put you at ease.

“Today we think of Dr Kate Granger MBE and her husband Chris Pointon, whose determination to make healthcare a better place is truly inspiring.”

Karl Marlowe (Chief Medical Officer) commented: “#hellomynameis Karl – a simple sentence which makes all the difference to someone receiving our care.

“International #hellomynameis Day is especially significant this year – during COVID-19 our patients and service users have had appointments online or had to receive care alone due to restrictions. Being by yourself without a loved one’s comfort can be daunting. A friendly welcome from a member of the Oxford Health family, reassurance or walking someone down the corridor makes all the difference and creates a better environment where our patients feel happy they are in safe hands.”

If you would like to find out more about the #hellomynameis campaign, please visit their website here.

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Published: 23 July 2021