It’s Well Done Wednesday to Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is the Oxford Health department we are celebrating today for some great independent reviews on the I Want Great Care website.

It’s Well Done Wednesday to Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is the Buckinghamshire IAPT (improving access to psychological therapies) service that was first established in 2008. They offer a service for adults registered with a GP in Buckinghamshire, helping people to overcome common mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. People can refer themselves directly to Healthy Minds online or over the phone, as well as being referred by their GP or other health professional.

Many people experience periods of low points in their lives, but for some the experience goes on for a longer period and this is where Healthy Minds come in. They assess clients on an individual basis and decide what would be the most suitable plan of support. They offer individual 1:1 support, courses and groups.

The team is made up of staff with a range of backgrounds and training including Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and Interpersonal Therapists. One person who used the service said, “The practitioners were very professional.”

A reviewer said: “I was treated with respect. My clinician had a lot of patience and was not judgemental. She helped me again and again very patiently till I understood what she was trying to say. I am extremely happy with the service. I am feeling a lot better in myself already.”

The main base is in High Wycombe but there are other bases in Aylesbury and Amersham. They are continually trying to reach out to as many people with mental health challenges in Buckinghamshire as possible.

A further reviewer explained: “I was referred by my GP to Healthy Minds and took part in their Anxiety Course. I wanted to learn of more techniques to control my anxiety. The course was very good and I now feel equipped to deal with my anxiety. Everything was done very well even with having to do the course online and not in person.”

A service user said: “I feel that the online CBT service SilverCloud was extremely helpful and I am so thankful to my supporter for helping me through my phobia and anxieties. I feel I am now ready to face my fears and confidently tackle my symptoms using the tools and advice given to me throughout my particular programme. I am feeling so much more positive as a result and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me.”

Find out more about the services they offer and how to get the support you need

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Published: 4 November 2020