Join us as we celebrate autistic life in Oxford

Join us as we celebrate autistic life in Oxford

We’re celebrating neurodiversity this Saturday with Oxfordshire’s first Autism Pride.

Autism Pride is an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to get together and really fly the flag for autism in a fun and celebratory atmosphere.

Autism is a form of neurodiversity and being autistic is an important part of human culture. There are advantages and disadvantages to being on the autism spectrum and many challenges autistic people face come from other people’s attitudes.

Part of a national celebration

Autism Pride picnics take place across the country around this time of year to mark Autism Pride Day. It is thought this will be Oxford’s first Autism Pride.

The bring-your-own picnic is shaping up to be an unmissable event for people with autism, their friends, family and supporters. It is being organised by the Autism Experience Group at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Jorik Mol works for Oxford Health. He runs the experience group and is himself autistic. He said: “We believe this is Oxfordshire’s first ever Autism Pride. It’s a time and place where autistic people and those who share our lives with us can come along with a picnic, make friends and share stories. Some of us will be wearing ‘Ask me about autism’ t-shirts. We will be answering questions about the Autism Experience Group, living as an autistic person in a neurotypical world and our plans for the future.

“We are proud, out and visibly autistic, in the face of discrimination, inequality, misunderstanding and exclusion. Being proudly autistic is valuing exactly those aspects of ourselves that we are often forced to suppress or change, or result in social exclusion if we can’t. We are here and we are here to thrive.

“Join us and celebrate our autistic lives with us! Everyone is welcome.”

Bring your own picnic and join us on Saturday to raise awareness and celebrate neurodiversity

Autism Pride, Saturday, June 22, 12pm to 4pm, bring-your-own picnic on the lawn outside the Natural History Museum, Parks Road, Oxford.

Join us on social media #autismprideoxford.

To find out more about the autism experience group email

Published: 19 June 2019