An influential report exploring the benefits of partnership work between voluntary and health organisations has been unveiled at the Houses of Parliament.

The report, commissioned by the Foundation Trust Network (FTN) and the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), was written by the King’s Fund and pulled together a range of innovative partnerships across the country to consider how the barriers to effective partnership working can be overcome.  It concluded that this joint working is achieving impressive results in delivering high-quality, person-centred care – often producing significant cost savings too.  Entitled Working together to deliver the Mandate: Strengthening partnerships between the NHS and the voluntary sector, the report featured the example of Oxfordshire’s IAPT service TalkingSpace, the product of a collaborative work between Oxfordshire Mind and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Explaining the history of this Oxfordshire partnership that aims to offer support to the thousands of people in the county whose lives are blighted by depression, anxiety and other common mental health difficulties, the report highlighted some of the service’s key achievements to date:

–       TalkingSpace offering a high quality but high volume service which copes with (above target) 8000 referrals a year and 6000 services users completing treatment

–       TalkingSpace achieving recovery rates on target of 47 per cent and 55 per cent of service users showing reliable improvement

–       Over 100 people moving off sick pay and benefits each year with considerable benefit to society and economy more broadly

June Dent, Clinical Lead for TalkingSpace, Patrick Taylor from Oxfordshire Mind, and Yvonne Taylor, Chief Operating Officer for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust attended a reception at the House of Commons for the launch of the report, where the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt spoke about the benefits of such collaborative working, and how this will be a key way of delivering better care in future. 

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