Mental Health Awareness Week: staff profile

Mental Health Awareness Week: staff profile

Mental health issues have widespread impact: find out how one of our talking therapy service staff supports with employment issues.

Anisha Gangotra (pictured) is an employment advisor within Healthy Minds Bucks, our free talking therapy service for Buckinghamshire residents; anyone over 18 who is feeling depressed, anxious or stressed, and has a GP in Buckinghamshire, can request help from the service.

Anisha works with clients who have experienced mental health issues and require support to either stay in work or to get back into work. She comes from the private sector and has a commercial account management business background having worked for a variety of companies from small and medium Enterprises to a global Fortune 500 company.

Her interest in mental health was sparked when she experienced her own mental health issues following a traumatic, high-speed non-fault car accident in 2011. She experienced symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. She has first-hand experience of how poor mental health can potentially impact all aspects of a person’s life, including employment and those around you.

She began researching mental health in her spare time – reading books and articles, watching documentaries and doing voluntary work. She is a passionate advocate for the importance of good mental health and having access to reliable information and the right support.

She joined the Richmond Fellowship charity and the Bucks improving access to psychological therapy team as an employment advisor in 2018. She enjoys working with a variety of people from all backgrounds, with varying mental health issues and personal situations.

Anisha says, ‘Supporting clients around employment can be one of the most valuable types of support to a person experiencing mental health issues.”

The Healthy Minds Bucks employment advice service works with anyone registered with a GP in Bucks (except for Milton Keynes), who might have a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, and who is either struggling at work or wants to get back into work.

Following a detailed assessment, Healthy Minds Bucks can provide both psychological therapy and employment advice to people suffering from everyday psychological problems.

Find out more about Healthy Minds Bucks. Oxfordshire residents can also seek support from TalkingSpace Plus. 

Published: 16 May 2018