New book gives help and support to prevent suicide

A former governor of Oxford Health who now works as the CEO of charity Suicide Crisis has brought out a book focused on suicide prevention.

New book gives help and support to prevent suicide

The Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook: How to Support Someone Who Is Having Suicidal Feelings is a practical guide to supporting a friend, family member or work colleague who is having suicidal thoughts.

Joy Hibbins now works in suicide prevention and is the Founder and CEO of the charity Suicide Crisis, which provides Suicide Crisis Centres.

Her pocket guidebook contains strategies to support someone and help them survive, both in the short-term and in the longer term. The book will also be helpful to professionals who encounter people in crisis in the course of their work.

Joy said: “I wrote the Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook because we realised that there were many practical suicide prevention books aimed at professionals, but we struggled to find any practical suicide prevention guidebooks for the general public. I felt it was so important that there was a practical guide that everyone could use. We hope that the book will help save lives.”

“The charity, Suicide Crisis will benefit from the sales of the book. The author royalties are being paid by the publisher directly to the charity Suicide Crisis.”

For readers wanting to find out more, there is more information about the book here.

This is Joy’s second published book. Her previous book “Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives” focused on the methods, ethos and approaches are used in Suicide Crisis Centres, and was designed for professionals.

The book drew the attention of the Ministry of Health in New Zealand to the charities work.

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Published: 9 September 2021