New home for protective suits

New home for protective suits

Oxford nanoSystems donates 16 coveralls to Oxford Health

Thank you to Oxford nanoSystems, who donated 16 coveralls to Oxford Health! The company develops coating technologies to improve heat transfer in components for industrial, transport and electronics platforms such as air conditioning and refrigeration systems – so, nothing at all to do with PPE or health care.

Chief executive Dr. Alexander Reip (pictured above) explains: “We had recently scaled up our processes and had to get new protective equipment for our team, so the old ones became redundant. We realised they could be useful for the NHS so got in touch with Oxford Health and dropped them off.”

The full suits are reusable, resistant to chemicals and of course to pathogens. They are needed in patient care if staff are performing aerosol generating operations, for instance in dentistry.

Oxford nanoSystems is based in Abingdon and employs 13 people. Alex says they have been fairing well in the pandemic.
“We are running the company in split shifts so that we can maintain safe distancing. Our scientists come to the lab and anyone who can, is working from home. We haven’t needed to furlough anyone.”
A great big THANK YOU from Oxford Health – we can put the suits to a good use!

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Published: 29 April 2020