We are pleased to announce the new name for our hospital development in Aylesbury. Following consultation with stakeholders including patients, public and staff the new building will be called The Whiteleaf Centre. The site will be known as the Buckinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Campus. The Trust would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation and are happy to have a name that reflects local history and geography. Whiteleaf has historical significance as part of the Buckinghamshire county coat of arms, the cross on the coat of arms is Whiteleaf Cross. It is also has geographical links via the hamlet of Whiteleaf is in the county. Just outside the hamlet there is a large chalk hill carving of the Whiteleaf Cross.

The new building, which will cost £42.8m, will be a significant improvement from the existing facilities, situated mainly at the Tindal Centre, the John Hampden Unit and Cambridge House. It will bring together a wide range of services that were previously provided across numerous sites in North Buckinghamshire. It is on track for completion later this year and will provide a modern, fit for purpose environment for adult and older mental health inpatient services for Buckinghamshire. It will also house a number of community based services as well as spaces that can be used by the local community. The new café and our conference room spaces will be available for our local partners and the public to use.

Ros Alstead, Director of Nursing and Clinical Standards said “We are excited about the progress being made with our new campus, as once complete, it will provide a therapeutic and modern environment for our patients. Being able to provide high quality care in the best possible facilities is a priority for us and we are looking forward to the benefits The Whiteleaf Centre will bring to our patients, their families and to our staff.”

The campus will provide 80 adult and older adult inpatient beds, all with en-suite facilities that exceed current Department of Health standards around single sex accommodation and privacy and dignity. It has also been designed to be environmentally sustainable and includes many eco-friendly features such as ground source heat pumps and natural ventilation.

The environment in which people are cared for has a significant impact on their experience, recovery and wellbeing. The Whiteleaf Centre design uses lots of natural light and ventilation and will feel spacious and welcoming. The new campus will also have lots of large outdoor spaces.

We are using local artists who have been working with patients, carers and staff to design and develop artwork for the building. Some of this work is being funded through the Trust’s Charitable Funds.  We are also working in partnership with Tesco to develop a sensory garden. If anybody locally is interested in making a charitable donation towards any of the arts projects or other leisure activities for patients they would be most welcome. Please email:  enquiries@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk<mailto:enquiries@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk