April heralded a major change for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, as the organisation adopted a new structure for our clinical directorates.

Following an extensive remodelling and restructuring process, the trust’s four clinical divisions have been restructured into three clinical directorates: Adult, Children and Young People and Older People.

Service Directors and Clinical Directors have been appointed to the three directorates and are:

Adult Directorate:  Service Director, Eddie McLaughlin, Clinical Director, Rob Bale

Children and Young People’s Directorate:  Service Director, Pauline Scully, Clinical Director Wendy Woodhouse

Older People’s Directorate:  Service Director, Anne Brierley, Clinical Director, Pete McGrane

Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Taylor said: “Service directors and clinical directors are now reviewing the current operational and clinical structure of their directorates to ensure that we are operationally and clinically able to support service delivery and development going forward.”

In the meantime services from the former Specialised Services Division have moved to the Adult and Children’s Directorates as appropriate and Older People’s Mental Health Services have formally moved to the new Older People’s Directorate.

Early Intervention in Psychosis:  A new service model developed by clinical, academic and operational leads has been agreed by the Executive Team.  The longer term plan is for these services to move to children and young people’s services once the remodelling has been completed.  It is anticipated that EIS would not move before April 2015.

Psychological Services:   Psychological Services (including TalkingSpace and Healthy Minds) will move to the Adult Directorate on 1 July.  This is important in order to consolidate and support the implementation of the new service models in community and inpatient services.