Nurses’ commendations stem from DAISY nominations

Two Oxford Health nurses based at the Whiteleaf Centre have received DAISY Commendations for their continued dedication to patients.

Nurses’ commendations stem from DAISY nominations

The DAISY awards are certainly blossoming with nurses from across the Trust being recognised for their excellent work.

Kerry Downie, Deputy ward manager at the Whiteleaf Centre, has been commended through the DAISY Award scheme.

Kerry Downie

She was nominated by a service user who described her as ‘very caring’, ‘very cheerful’ and someone who shows ‘great empathy’ having supported the individual on many occasions.

Kerry works on Opal Ward as a Deputy Ward manager and she said: “I enjoy it immensely. My role is busy which includes lots of paperwork, audits, staff supervision, student link and resuscitation and PPE lead.

“I feel fulfilled each day when I have put a smile on someone’s face. Our patient’s live with serious mental illness and knowing I have been able to improve their day by having a chat or going to the shops with them or just making them laugh encourages me to continue.

“To be nominated for this award was amazing but to be nominated by a patient means so much to me. It confirms that the work I do (which I don’t usually consider work) is having a positive impact on individual’s lives and matters to people.

“I feel very flattered that somebody took the time to consider me for an award and to be recognised for something I love doing was quite emotional.

“I’m honoured and proud to be nominated and am currently wearing my DAISY pin with pride.”


Meanwhile, Jumi Adekanye, has been commended for her work in the Forensic inpatient ward at Woodlands House, Whiteleaf Centre in Aylesbury.

Jumi Adekanye

She was nominated by a client who said that Jumi has a ‘wonderful nature’ also adding that her attitude is perfect. The client continued to say, “She is always keen to help out. Her kindness always shines through and She is prompt to answer calls. She works hard and is always polite and respectful.”

Jumi said: “I am very grateful for the recommendation and it make me feel valued, and it brings a sense of recognition for the little contribution I made toward the development of the team and provision of good quality of care for people using the service.”

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Published: 28 July 2021