OBE for Oxford Health psychiatrist

OBE for Oxford Health psychiatrist

Oxford Health's Dr Clive Meux has been awarded an OBE for his services in caring for people with mental health difficulties.

Currently a consultant forensic psychiatrist, he also served as the trust’s medical director for 5 years, before stepping down from that role in 2016 to again devote his time to direct patient care.

Dr Meux has worked for 33 years as a psychiatrist in the NHS, with 18 of those years in Oxford. He has worked at the Institute of Psychiatry in London and also for 8 years at Broadmoor High Secure Hospital in Berkshire.

Throughout his career he has often had to deal with very complex clinical challenges in secure environments and has worked widely to protect human rights issues for people with mental health problems who have been detained against their will in the UK or abroad or have struggled to access the care they need.

Dr Meux said: “Throughout my whole time in the NHS I have worked alongside the most amazing, caring and dedicated clinical colleagues. So many of them are unsung heroes for the work they do for people with mental health difficulties. Although delighted, I wish they could all receive such an honour- they deserve it.”

Oxford Health’s current medical director Dr Mark Hancock, said: “We are delighted that Clive has received this recognition and in particular that it is an award for his care for people who need support for mental health. It is inspirational for everyone working in healthcare.”

Published: 30 December 2017