Autumn online workshops for carers, family and friends in Bucks – book now

Autumn online workshops for carers, family and friends in Bucks – book now

Oxford Health’s Carers Assessment Team offers FREE online seminars

This Autumn, the Oxford Health Carers Assessment Team is running free two-hour online seminars via Microsoft Teams – all for carers, family and friends.

These ‘Living Together Series’ seminars cover:

  • Autism Awareness: Wednesday, October 7, 10am to noon
    Trainer: Paulette Hunn, Autism Bucks
    The session will explore the characteristic’s of autism and the sensory world, we will also look
    at the other features and the strengths of autism.
  • Understanding & supporting people with personality disorders: Thursday, October 29, 10am to noon
    Trainer: David Glover-Wright
    The diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ has powerful and often negative connotations. The reality is that this is a complex subject and medical labels don’t really help us with our understanding and responses. This session will focus on some of the causes of personality disorders. It will also look at the care and support needed to help create stability and positive progress.
  • Understanding Depression: Thursday, November 19, 10am to noon
    Trainer: Robert Corteen
    What does this much over-used term mean? What is it to be depressed and how does this illness affect the individual? This session will explore both the physical and psychological basis of depression and look
    at a range of treatments for it. Leaflet online workshops for carers, family and friends

Oxford Health believes that to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients that we must work together as a team with their families, friends and carers, continually putting them at the centre of everything we do.

The seminars focus on different talking points including causes, characteristics and support.

The aim is to support the carers, family and friends – improving their understanding and helping them to achieve the best environment and relationships to benefit our service users, ultimately progressing their wellbeing.

Service Director for Adult Directorate Management Team, Donna Clarke said: “Oxford Health are delighted to be offering free online workshops for those in our Buckinghamshire community. These seminars offer a great opportunity for carers, family and friends, packed with advice and guidance – making living together more manageable. It is essential we work as a team with carers, family and friends to support our patients, and our Carers Assessment Team have been working extremely hard to provide as much support as possible.”

These workshops are provided for carers of service users who are currently under the care of Bucks Mental Health Teams. Due to the high demand, new carers will be given priority to attend the online seminars.

You can apply by emailing with your name, telephone number and the courses you would like to attend. Written email confirmation will be sent to you with joining instructions for the online session(s) you wish to attend.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Oxford Health Carer Assessment Team on 01865 901513.

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Published: 24 August 2020