Opening up about men’s mental health with Jack

Men experiencing low mood, poor sleep, lack of energy and stress are being urged to listen to a new Jack FM podcast.

Opening up about men’s mental health with Jack

The 30 minute programme focusses on the experience of men from Oxfordshire and the battles that they have had with depression and how they received the help that they needed.

Oxford Health’s Dr Samantha Sadler speaks about the pressures that many men feel, particularly during the pandemic, and how services like TalkingSpace Plus can be a great help.

She said: “The podcast is a really good listen as it features men speaking about their own experiences. Just the simple act of hearing from others like you who feel the same way can be reassuring and give that tiny prompt you need to get support.

“Whilst many men find it really hard to take that first step to getting help, the good news is that there are a range of ways to get support.  You can pick up the phone to TalkingSpace Plus on 01865 901 222 and  there’s also online referral form where you don’t have to speak directly to someone if that’s what you prefer at .”

Jo Summerbell, Jack FM’s news editor and podcast presenter, said: “I wanted to dig deeper into why some men have a harder time talking about mental illness, and to challenge the stigma that stops them from seeking help when they need it most.

“I spoke to a number of men with ‘lived experience’ of things like depression and anxiety, plus local mental health charities and experts – including Dr Samantha Sadler from TalkingSpace Plus.

“I hope that anyone who is having a tough time at the moment, or knows someone who may be struggling, will benefit from some of the content in our new episode of The Oxfordshire News Podcast.

“Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness! Let’s keep the conversation going.”

You can hear the podcast here.

There’s more information on Talking Space Plus here.


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Published: 6 August 2021