Oxford City and North East Primary Care Mental Health Team win March’s Exceptional People Team Award

Oxford City and North East - Primary Care Mental Health Team (PCMHT) win March’s Exceptional People Team Award – putting patients first and delivering care to a high standard.

Oxford City and North East Primary Care Mental Health Team win March’s Exceptional People Team Award

Oxford City and North East – Primary Care Mental Health Team provide adult and older adult mental health services in Oxfordshire through the new Keystone Mental Health Hub in Oxford. They are a vital service who bridge the gap between primary and secondary mental health care. By providing assessment and short-term interventions to many in Oxfordshire, the PCMHTs have acted as the front door to mental health services.

The team plays a vital role in reducing the stigma around mental health and making it as accessible as possible for all those in our communities.

The City PCMHT staff take pride in their work and aim to be the best in everything they do – ensuring every patient gets the right care first time, which is particularly important for their patients, who are often vulnerable.

The staff listen with understanding and compassion, members of the team are able utilise their own lived experience of mental health to help patients feel understood and safe in their care. By offering their own experiences, patients can build relationships and trust with the team, knowing they are not alone. Every patient is treated with respect, the team embody this by holding themselves to a high standard of care in every interaction.

The team communicate openly with patients and each other, allowing the team to collaborate, work well together and support each other with kindness. The team share knowledge and advice with other teams across the Trust’s mental health services, demonstrating best practice and engaging with learning opportunities to development where they may have limitations or knowledge gaps.

Recently the team have moved locations, whilst doing this they have provided uninterrupted care, with every team member going the extra mile to make sure their patients were able to access the service. Whilst dealing with challenges the team never fail to give it their all and always make time for each other and their patients.

The nomination

Oxford City and North East PCMHT were nominated by Assistant Business Manager for the Community Mental Health Transformation team Francesca Sisson, for the impact they have on their patients and the community, always being there to make a difference.

Francesca commented:

“The team have received feedback from many patients about how the service they provide has renewed their trust in mental health services, and this is a goal they continue to work towards in everything they do.”

Feedback from patients:

“You’ve given me some hope that I haven’t felt for a while. Partly by validating the things I’ve felt and experienced – I’m not just making a fuss or overreacting, but also that I can rely on definitely being able to access treatment. Even if it’s still another year or 2, just knowing that option will be there ready for me is a huge relief. In a time where the NHS seems to get so much criticism, my experience with your team has been nothing but positive and I am so grateful.”

“Fastest support I have ever received.”

“Thank you for listening, I have always been scared speaking up for myself but now I want to speak up to get the best for myself and I am able to do that.”

“It’s amazing that you are recognising trauma when nobody else does.”

“I wish I could have received this support years ago when my trauma happened.”

“The Hub is helping me rebuild trust with mental health professionals.”

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Published: 29 May 2024