Oxford Health to provide Bucks continuing care assessment

Oxford Health to provide Bucks continuing care assessment

From 1st December, Oxford Health will be making assessments about continuing healthcare care packages in Buckinghamshire too.

Continuing healthcare is a package of care provided to an adult (aged 18 years or over), to meet significant physical or mental health needs that have arisen because of disability, an accident, or illness. The care package is provided for a set period of time, and then reviewed.  The Trust already carries out assessments for continuing healthcare eligibility (in accordance with NHS recommendations): it will now be extending this service across Buckinghamshire too.

Our role is to carry out the assessment, in accordance with NHS framework for the implementation of continuing healthcare 2012. The care itself may be provided by a variety of different organisations, in your own home, in care homes or in a hospice

The care package is funded solely by the NHS, and it is free for those that are assessed to be eligible. This determination is based on having a primary need for health as opposed to the help provided by social services, for which there may be a charge, depending on income and savings.

See NHS Choices for more information, and see our service directory listings for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire continuing healthcare for information and contact details for our services.

Published: 11 December 2017