An Oxford Health-hosted project to develop new medical diagnostic technologies to improve community patient outcomes is looking to recruit carers, patients and parents to help inform its work. The deadline for application is 16/01/2018, and contributors will be reimbursed for their time.

The Community Healthcare MedTech and in vitro diagnostics Co-operative (MIC) is seeking contributors for the following themes:

  • Long-term conditions. The MIC would like to recruit one carer of a patient who has a long-term condition, and one patient who has experience of living with a mental health condition (ongoing or resolved).
  • Acute paediatrics (urgent medical care for children). The MIC would like to recruit two parents or guardians of children who would like to support this theme
  • Appropriate prescription of antibiotics. The MIC would like to recruit two people who would like to contribute to this theme.

Contributors will meet with the researchers three times a year for two-three hours each time in central Oxford, and will be paid
£20 per hour including meeting times and preparatory reading.

Travel costs and other appropriate expenses (agreed in advance) will be reimbursed

To discuss the roles in more detail contact Phil Turner on 01865 289292 or

Oxford Health is also part of the Oxford Academic Health Science Network, which is currently looking for members of the public to get involved and influence health services and improve patient care. See their lay partner vacancies page for more information.