Final imageStaff, patients, carers and friends of a ward at the Warneford Hospital will be cycling 100 miles to raise money for much needed equipment this month.

The Vaughan Thomas ward, a male inpatient mental health ward, has organised the fundraising event which will involve them collectively cycling 100 virtual miles in eight hours on two static exercise bikes.

Taking place on Wednesday 15 April between 10am and 6pm, activities co-ordinator, Max Wright (pictured left), came up with the idea of ‘Cycle 100’ to raise funds for much needed equipment identified and chosen by patients. He said: “The patients past and present in several meetings have highlighted the want and need of a combo ping pong and pool table.”

Max went on to say: “The fundraiser’s aim is not only to raise money for the ward for badly needed equipment, but to get the patients doing something healthy, fun and taking actions for themselves to get something that they want.”

Caroline Attard, modern matron on the ward said of the fundraiser: “This is a great way for our patients to get something that they want and can use on the ward. As well as the many physical benefits, exercise has also been linked with improving mental health, so this will help their recovery too.”

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