Oxfordshire residents are being asked to make a pledge to turn their home and car into smoke-free areas.

Last year, the Department of Health ran a campaign highlighting the dangers of breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke. A particular focus was given to those who smoke in their homes and cars.  Oxford City Council and Cherwell District Council have now provided funding to the Oxfordshire Smoking Advice Service, run by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, to extend this campaign locally – the goal being to encourage residents of Oxford City and Banbury to take their smoking outside.

Pledge packs are being provided to those who sign up to the campaign, with regular follow-up telephone calls being made to provide support and offer advice.  The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is also offering free home safety checks to people who pledge and advice on how to reduce the risk of fire.

There are many benefits to smoking outside your home and car. These include:

  • By taking your smoking outside you are reducing your family’s risk of ill health from your second hand tobacco smoke
  • Your children will be less likely to miss school through illness caused by second hand smoke. They will smell fresher and feel better.
  • You will smoke less and may find it easier to give up when you are ready.
  • Your children will be less likely to start smoking themselves.
  • Your pets will need fewer trips to the vet on account of effects to their health through breathing in second hand smoke.
  • You are also reducing your risk of house fire.                                                              

Leaflets about how to make your pledge will be being distributed throughout GP surgeries, Health Visitors, Children’s Centres and many other areas in Oxford City and Banbury.

The campaign will be officially launched at the Rose Hill Children’s Centre from 9am to 12pm on Wednesday 6 February and the East Street Children’s Centre in Banbury from 10am to 1pm on Friday 8 February.