Remarkable solidarity, compassion and care earn standout admin team Exceptional People Award

Buckinghamshire Psychological Therapies Admin Team win January’s Exceptional People Team Award – standing by each other’s sides and supporting one another during tough times.

Remarkable solidarity, compassion and care earn standout admin team Exceptional People Award

The amazing administrative team at Buckinghamshire Psychological Therapies have been through thick and thin together. There compassion and resilience for one another and their patients means they are deserving winners of the Team Exceptional People Award.

The team is based at the Whiteleaf Centre and Saffron House in Buckinghamshire and provide admin support to the Buckinghamshire Psychological Therapies team who help thousands of people each year cope more effectively with their depression and anxiety.

In early 2023, while at work, one of the team experienced a serious health incident, and a few months later another was diagnosed with a serious health condition. The team united together to look after one another, always offering help and comfort to each other.

The team has demonstrated a remarkable level of solidarity during a challenging period – being there for each other, listening and reassuring one another. Their incredible kindness, encouragement and thoughtfulness during a difficult time created a safe and reliable environment for everyone.

The team’s support for each other has been a testament to their professionalism, commitment, and resilience. They have communicated effectively and efficiently with each other, shown flexibility and adaptability, taken on extra duties, and maintained a positive environment for colleagues, patients and loved ones.

The nomination

The team were nominated by Admin and Performance Manager for Psychological Therapies Buckinghamshire Jacqueline Henley. Jacqueline, who is a member of the winning team, nominated her deserving colleagues for their compassionate and one-of-a-kind support system.

Jacqueline said: “This has been an extremely upsetting and difficult time. The team have pulled together to support each other, we have cried together, and the team have offered up plans to support the gaps in the team to ensure that patient care is unaffected, and all tasks continue as normal.

“I am extremely proud of my team and the way they have pulled together and been there for each other and would like to formally recognise this.”

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Published: 18 March 2024