00016782A report co-written by Dr Daniel Maughan, trust psychiatrist and Royal College of Psychiatrists Sustainability Fellow, has called for a reduction in waste within the NHS.

The report, which is published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and was covered widely in the national press, underlines that the majority of waste within the health service lies in clinical practice and models of care. According to the report estimates suggest that around 20% of mainstream clinical practice brings no benefit to the patient as there is widespread overuse of tests and interventions.

“Investigations, medications, hospital beds, and theatre time are clinical resources that are wasted if not used appropriately to maximise value for patients,” write the authors of the report. “If the finite NHS resources are spent on costly interventions that have little benefit, then the service we provide will be of little value and the resources we have will be wasted. The key is to focus on minimising waste in all its forms. By doing this, value, and therefore good health outcomes, is maximised.”

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