SaLTS show how they can help on National Swallowing Awareness Day

SaLTS show how they can help on National Swallowing Awareness Day

Our therapists holding event at East Oxford Health Centre

Having difficulty swallowing food and drink is a medical condition that can have a devastating effect on health including risks of choking, pneumonia and malnutrition.

Dysphagia, as it is known, can also make taking medication more difficult.

However, help is at hand with Oxford Health’s team of speech and language therapists who can assist those affected with dysphagia to eat, drink and swallow safely by modifying food and fluid consistencies and carrying out exercises.

Our health professionals are holding a special event to coincide with National Swallowing Awareness Day on Wednesday, March 18 at East Oxford Health Centre, off Manzil Way in East Oxford.

From 10am until 4pm, the City & East Adult Speech and Language Therapy Team is inviting people to join them on Level 3 of the centre to try out samples of various thickened drinks and meal consistencies.

The aim is to highlight how dysphagia affects people’s lives and how speech and language therapy make a massive difference to those living with the condition

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Adult Speech and Language Therapy Department on 01865 904193 or

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Published: 12 March 2020