Shining star Helen Knott wins June’s Exceptional People Individual Award

Specialist Physiotherapist Helen Knott from Physical Disability Physiotherapy service wins June’s Exceptional People Individual Award – providing outstanding care, striving for excellence and supporting the team.

Shining star Helen Knott wins June’s Exceptional People Individual Award

Pictured above at the presentation is Helen, (back row, forth from the left) celebrating with her wonderful colleagues.

Helen has one of the most complex caseloads in the team regularly interacting with multiple agencies to ensure her patient’s needs are at the heart of the care she provides, always ensuring her patients and their families and carers have a voice and receive the best care and have a long-term management plan after discharge.

Helen is currently setting up an exercise circuit run by a local gym for people with neurological conditions for the team to provide local education for people with newly diagnosed Parkinson’s linked with Parkinson’s UK and is trialling evidence-based treadmill training as an alternative treatment option.

She is a fantastic colleague who always has time to answer a question, offer advice and truly listens to those she supervises.

The team presented Helen with her well-deserved award, recognising her excellence.

The nomination

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist for Physical Disability Physiotherapy Service Emily Buckle nominated Helen.

Emily praised Helen for her enthusiasm and commitment to her patients, providing excellent care and making a difference.

Emily said: “Helen’s passion for her role and her dedication to her patients has led her to seek opportunities outside of the trust to promote the service and improve patient care. She continually develops new links with the consultant team that enables us to join their monthly departmental team meeting.

She gets involved in all aspects of work, whilst maintaining her waiting list and caseload and on only 20 hours a week, actively seeks opportunities that will improve care and develop the service.

Recently the ‘iWantGreatCare’ patient feedback has described her as “professional, exceptional, passionate and dedicated and is truly a shining star and an asset to our service.”

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Published: 6 September 2023