The South Oxfordshire CAMHS team is always working hard to make a big impact on the children and young people they care for.

But they also want your help in shouting out about the upcoming World Mental Health Day this Saturday and have made this promotional video.

Using the hashtag #OverTheRainbow the team will be sharing things that have helped their mental health during these difficult past few months, so they can connect and inspire others and highlight the things that have helped them to carry on dreaming.

Mental health practitioner Nicole Wareing and Clinical Psychologist Rebekah Tennyson together with their creative colleagues explained: “We’ve been thinking about what we could do to create a bit of awareness for World Mental Health Day this year.

“Normally we would decorate our waiting rooms. Sadly, this year no one is using them. Therefore, we and the team have come up with the idea of creating a hashtag. “

During this year the NHS rainbow has been a symbol of hope and communities coming together. It has been a challenging time, yet some positives have emerged even in the face of all this uncertainty and adversity.

Nicole said: “We wanted to share ideas of things we have enjoyed, hobbies we have started, things we no longer take for granted and want to take forward with us ‘over the rainbow’.

​​​​​​​“Using the hashtag ‘over the rainbow’ we will be sharing things that have helped our mental health during this time so that we can connect and inspire others. Things that have helped us to carry on dreaming.”

Nicole and Rebekah are appealing for people to share their hashtag on social media as much as possible between now and Saturday and they are also putting together a video with their own hashtag ideas plus a bit of singing too.

Join them on social media and have conversations with your friends and family about your ‘pots of gold’ that you’ll be holding onto after the storm.

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