Supporting mental health recovery throughout Buckinghamshire

Oxford Health are proud to showcase the great work of a team based at The Whiteleaf Centre in Aylesbury following independent I Want Great Care Reviews.

Supporting mental health recovery throughout Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Recovery College supports adults over the age of 18 experiencing mental health issues and helps address the concerns they have.

It is an educational environment to help people understand about mental health and recovery while engaging in social, leisure, creative and educational opportunities designed to develop their skills and knowledge to equip them to live a happy and fulfilling life.

It offers a range of courses which are co-produced and co-facilitated by a tutor who has first hand experience of mental health challenges alongside a Mental Health Care Professional. These courses contribute to the wellbeing and recovery of students to recognise their own resourcefulness, talents and skills in order to become experts in their own self-care.

Each person’s journey of recovery is a highly individual process but there are three core conditions that help this recovery to take place. Hope, control and opportunity.

Although they are not therapy, nor clinical intervention the courses inspire individuality and potential, helping the person to care for themself and others.

The courses were beyond helpful to one individual whose review stated: “It changed my life and I feel very strongly this is a very much needed service. I think this college is the future way to help recovery from mental illness.”

Paul Wells, acting recovery college lead

Paul Wells, acting recovery college lead, said: “We are a small dedicated team who strive to help build up students’ resilience with regard to their mental health issues especially those at home at this time of COVID.

“I am proud to and humbled to be at the helm of Buckinghamshire Recovery College and be a guiding compass to help students using relevant courses applying unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy.”

One service user said: “It has given me a great opportunity to do courses and it has provided me with care, a safe place to go to and relief for my anxiety and meet others with similar experiences.”

The following user said: “I am getting the support that I require in a safe environment and that my needs are understood and taken into account without judgement.”

Prospective service users, carers and staff members who are interested in enrolling can apply for courses by contacting the team by email at or telephone: 01865 901515 or 07748 328 758.

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Published: 11 December 2020