Sweet surprise for more BEE winners

Three more Oxford Health Allied Health Professionals were stung in a nice way at a recent surprise presentation at the Warneford Hospital.

Sweet surprise for more BEE winners

David Wicksman, Jessica Jones and Viv Southcott were lured to the board room at the Warneford for an ‘important meeting’ at which they would be told some very important news.

As it turned out for the trio the news was that they were the latest Oxford Health BEE Award winners!

The BEE Awards were set up by the Trust to acknowledge and reward the excellent work of our Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) and social workers.

David Wicksman is a community dietician and he was nominated by Anne Millman. Anne is the wife of a patient that David was treating who sadly passed away in 2022. In her nominations she said: “David was very calm, insightful and compassionate.

“He never rushed us, and always delivered on his promises to follow up on particular issues. We were particularly grateful for the continuity he provided over three years.

“David is a skilled professional and a special person. Thank you.”

Jessica Jones received two nominations. She is a social worker and was nominated by Aine Buller and Alvaro Barrera, both staff members. One of her nominations said: “Jessica works incredibly hard under a huge amount of pressure to ensure patients are discharged safely to appropriate and suitable accommodation to meet their needs to live well in the community.

“She always makes sure she considers everything which might affect their social needs and advocates for how these can be avoided. She does all of this with kindness and often goes above and beyond to help patients with their housing and social needs.

“Not only is she extremely caring and considerate to patients’ needs, she works so well with the team and always willingly offers support to colleagues where she can. The inpatient team are really lucky to have her.”

Viv Southcott is a specialist occupational therapist on Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, and she was nominated by line manager Emma Garratt. Her nomination said: “Viv provides the highest standard of compassionate, evidence based care for her patients. She frequently goes above and beyond, offering her time and support and a sympathetic ear as well as her routine clinical duties, and works incredibly effectively as part of our specialist multi-disciplinary team.

“Viv is a much loved member of the AHP team at OSRU and was nominated by her peers as ‘Star of the Year’ before Christmas. I would love her hard work, kindness and expertise to be recognised and rewarded by those outside our service as well.”

If you would like to nominate someone for a BEE award. Please tell us your story using the online form here.


Viv Southcott – (L-R) – Lauren Davis, Viv Southcott, Emma Garratt (Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, Viv’s Line Manager), Charlotte Boyle, Specialist Physio.

Viv Southcott and Marie Crofts


Jessica Jones and Marie Crofts

(L-R) Viv Harrison, Community Dietician (David’s Line Manager), David Wicksman, Anne Millman.

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Published: 25 July 2023