Taking mental health treatment straight into people’s homes

TalkingSpace Plus and Healthy Minds launch strategies for coping with the pandemic

Taking mental health treatment straight into people’s homes

Talking therapy services Healthy Minds in Buckinghamshire and TalkingSpace Plus in Oxfordshire are taking mental health care direct to people’s living rooms as they launch a Coping with Coronavirus care package via social media this week.

Health professionals in the services are continuing to work with local people throughout the pandemic to support them in managing worry, social isolation and improving their wellbeing.

To help, they have created a series of videos taking psychological help into people’s homes via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and hosted on the recently refreshed Healthy Minds and TalkingSpace Plus websites.

Senior psychologists from Healthy Minds and TalkingSpace Plus introduce viewers to some of the strategies that help people to cope during the coronavirus pandemic. They introduce practical steps people can follow in their own homes to help manage isolation, worry about the coronavirus, and improve wellbeing.

For those that need more help they have created a video which explains what TalkingSpace Plus and Healthy Minds can offer and how to access help entitled “First Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing”.

Jo Ryder, clinical lead for psychological services in Oxfordshire, said:

“We want as many people as possible to have the tools to support their mental health and the wellbeing of themselves, their families and loved ones at this time.

“The current situation really does present a unique challenge for all of us. We know staying at home for a prolonged period of time can be difficult, and that people are likely to find this mentally challenging.”

John Pimm, clinical lead for Buckinghamshire psychological services, said:

“The additional resources, including videos, offer an alternative way for us to support each other with our mental health and wellbeing at this time. It is something most of us will need and can benefit from.”


The Coping with Coronavirus videos will be launched on Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trusts’ social media channels Wednesday, April 8 to Saturday, April 12 at 8am each day and feature on TalkingSpace Plus and Healthy Minds‘ refreshed websites.



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Published: 7 April 2020