The trust’s Children and Young People Directorate has developed a new, accessible website for children and young people.

The new website, which features zones for young people, parents and carers, and professionals, was designed to be user-friendly, simple and easy to use while still providing detailed information about the trust’s services.

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The website was designed to be user-friendly for children and young people.

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Each zone is split into geographical areas.

Each zone is split into geographical locations, maximising the relevance of the information displayed for the user, and contact details and crisis information is readily available.

The layout of the website has been designed to adapt to the type of device it is viewed on and was tested on a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets and traditional computers.

Oliver Shipp, the programme manager for the project, said: “Children and young people told us that they need accessible and reliable information about their services. For many, this meant looking on the web, usually on their smart phones.

“They wanted information which was easy to find, attractive to view and appropriate to their age and location. But they weren’t getting this from our original webpages which were incomplete, hard to view and navigate, and boring to look at.”

The project team worked with the trust’s web and apps developer and an enthusiastic group of young service users to build completely new web pages after deciding that in this unique circumstance, the young audience needed something separate from the trust’s main website. Initial feedback has already shown there has been a vast improvement in young people engaging with their new webpages.

Donna Mackenzie, patient experience and involvement co-ordinator for the Children and Young People Directorate added: “While this is a great improvement, we are now working with the young people to further develop the site, including more artwork and videos.

“We want to create a truly excellent website for our children and young people – we’d love your feedback on how to make these webpages even better.”

To visit the website, please go to:

If you would like to get in touch with any feedback about the new website, please email Oliver Shipp or Donna Mackenzie.