An infographic highlighting the achievements of the organisation and showing key pieces of information about the trust in the period 2013/14 has been released by the trust.

Dan Leveson, Head of Strategy and Programmes for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, explained: “We wanted to create something that provided staff with all the key information at a glance.

“We are working on producing short engaging documents as a way of telling staff and patients some of the things that we are doing.

“This simple one-page document does that in a way that is clearly set out and hopefully gives people all the key pieces of information they need to know about us.”

Looking at the year ahead, Mr Leveson said the plan was to build on this approach to communications with staff and patients.

He added: “We’ve managed to rethink the way that we look at our corporate strategy and have been able to distil the key ideas around our plans for the coming years into a similar format.

“Over the coming months we will look to produce short videos with members of the board or senior clinicians.

“These will be bite-sized overviews of the strategy for the trust for the next few years and will inform people in a more accessible way about what our vision is moving forward and how we hope to achieve it.”