Video: Chair David Walker reviews topics at the July 28 Trust Board meeting

Commitment to support carers, making better use of data, on-going fight against Covid and a patient story from Bucks Perinatal Services covered.

Video: Chair David Walker reviews topics at the July 28 Trust Board meeting

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is continuing to hold online board meetings that can be attended by the public via a digital link.

David Walker, Chair of the Trust, has made this short video to explain some of the key topics discussed at the July 28 meeting.

In his review, David highlighted carers’ responsibilities:

“Whatever we in the NHS can do to help people, the responsibility of caring for those who are ill, those living with a disability and those in need falls first and foremost on families; on partners, grandparents, relatives and sometimes children.

“We have to work together. We have to listen to and involve families and loved ones, and they must be at the heart of the new strategy we adopted at the Board meeting. We committed to increase staff awareness of the role of carers, to communicate better to them and to improve their access to resources and services.”

He continued about the Board commitment to make better use of data and information technology.

“The Board adopted another set of commitments for the next five years to continue and intensify how we use data and information technology to help patients and service users. This involves better use of records and care plans, linking clinical, genomic and other data to support new treatments and make it easier for patients to contact us and deal with their conditions.”

David also noted the Trust’s continuing efforts to provide Covid vaccinations far and wide:

“In the continuing fight against Covid the Board heard about the pop-up clinics we’ve established alongside the mass vaccination centres and our two on-the-move vans taking jabs out to places where take-up rates have been disappointing.”

And David commented on a patient story and a guest appearance from a baby:

“It’s only in recent years that attention has been paid to the mental health problems of mothers. Much more remains to be done, but the Board heard from a patient of the perinatal service in Buckinghamshire how she had been helped having her baby. We were delighted to welcome her daughter making a brief guest appearance in our meeting.”

You can also see David’s reviews of previous Board of Directors’ meetings:

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Published: 29 July 2021