Warneford: the future in mind

Warneford: the future in mind

We're publishing our emerging masterplan for the Warneford Hospital, and we're keen to have your views to help shape it further.

Masterplan: our clinical, research and wider vision

Warneford Hospital is publishing its emerging masterplan for the site as it approaches its 2026 bicentenary. Proposals are being developed jointly by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and University of Oxford as we seek to set out how the site can provide the best care and research to improve care for people in the years to come.  We’re keen to have everyone’s views to help shape these further.

To help with that we want to share our vision for how the site might develop over the next 10- 50 years and on this page you will find materials from our recent exhibition, a presentation showing how we aim to preserve green spaces and architecture, while developing modern healthcare and research facilities, alongside accommodation for key workers and beautiful public spaces for wider use.

The vision is explained in our film:

See also our additional interviews about the history of the site, its importance for research, and why we need more modern healthcare facilities.

At this stage, the masterplan is illustrative, and intended to enable discussions about how best to ensure the site is able to achieve its full potential to benefit mental health and dementia treatments in coming years.

Find out more 

Have a look at the exhibition materials presented in July, and see the presentation about the masterplan:

Tell us what you think

The plans above are illustrative, and we would welcome your thoughts and comments.

Once you have looked through the plans, please fill in our survey.

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You can also email us  warneford@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk


All photos courtesy of Shepheard Epstein Hunter

Published: 17 July 2017