We are currently seeking ideas for the name of the new mental health facility in Buckinghamshire. We are looking for you to submit your ideas and suggestions.

Following initial feedback, the Trust looking for a name that reflects the fact this unit is in Buckinghamshire, providing services to local residents. Although the unit will be mainly used by mental health services, some of our other services may use and access the site. We are looking for a name that is inclusive of all of our services and not confined to mental health. Initial feedback also stated the desire to look to the future and move on so the previous name ‘Manor House’ will not be considered.

Please take a few minutes to submit your name suggestions via this survey. Once we have collated all the ideas these will be reviewed and a shortlist will be produced for further consultation.


We are asking staff, service users, carers, FT Members and members of the public to share their ideas. Please submit your suggestions by 17 April 2013.