We’ve been celebrating 2020 International Women’s Day

Creating With Care visits Banbury to paint stones of inspiration with a little help from Victoria Prentis MP

We’ve been celebrating 2020 International Women’s Day

Messages of love and inspiration have been artistically adorned on stones in Banbury as our Creating With Care and Oxford Health Charity teams help celebrate 2020 International Women’s Day.

Art that has been created by patients at Oxford Health’s community hospitals has been on display at the celebratory event at the Mill Arts Centre in the town.

Creating With Care co-ordinator Angela Conlan, was joined by volunteer Katie Boyes and community involvement manager Julie Pink at a stall showcasing the work of the programme which is backed by the charity.

One of the many visitors to the stall was Banbury MP Victoria Prentis who wasted no time in painting her own International Women’s Day message on a pebble reminding women to exercise their right  to ‘vote’.

Angela said: “International Women’s Day is a great chance to inspire others to create a gender-equal world; to challenge stereotypes, broaden perceptions and change situations.

“We not only wanted to show the women of Cherwell in the north of the county what Oxford Health services are provided in their communities, we were also keen to show off some of the fabulous artwork the patients have creating during their stays at Bicester Community Hospital.

“There’s been a great deal of interest in what we do, with quite a few signing up to become members of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. We also have been explaining to people the work of Oxford Health Charity and how it helps not patients and the amazing teams who care for them in our mental health settings and out in the community.”

The legacy of Creating With Care’s work on International Women’s Day will endure. Angela and volunteers are planning to hide some of the painted stones around the town so people can find messages of inspiration when they least expect it.

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Published: 6 March 2020