Deborah Stirzaker wins March’s individual Exceptional People Award

Team Administrator, Deborah Stirzaker is the March winner for the individual Exceptional People Award.

Deborah Stirzaker wins March’s individual Exceptional People Award

Pictured above at the presentation are (left to right) CEO Dr Nick Broughton, Deputy Team Leader Jane Turner, Team Administrator Deborah Stirzaker, Trust Chair David Walker and Lead Governor Mike Hobbs

Team Administrator, Complex Needs – Administrator for TVI/STARS Deborah Stirzaker has been presented with an Exceptional People Award for her exceptional patient and service user care.
A Team Administrator who works in the Complex Needs Service based at Aylesbury was chosen for the award after being nominated by Team Therapist, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Complex Needs Cat Coleman-Seed.

“Debbie has always given 110% to her role supporting a busy team of therapists working in the Complex Needs Service and the service users we work with.

The Complex Needs Service provides group therapy for people with Personality Disorders. This is historically a difficult client group to manage, particularly when waiting lists are long and they have to wait patiently for therapy, sometimes years.

Debbie is often their first and only point of contact while they are on the waiting list. She has an approachable and empathetic style and goes out of her way to ensure that our patients are reassured and kept up to date.

She is patient, caring and kind, dealing regularly with difficult situations with a calm and professional approach. She is the face of the service and many service users form an attachment to her long before any of the other members of staff.

The team also value her immensely as she is efficient and capable, an excellent pair of very safe hands that we can always trust to get things done. Her ability to think outside of the box to solve problems is also much valued.”

The nomination

Photo of winner Deborah Stirzaker collecting her certificateDebbie demonstrates exceptional patient and service user care. She demonstrated a significant contribution to the success of the team and is considered to be an excellent role model by her colleagues.

Deborah cares immensely for our service users and develops great relationships with them. Many of them ring her regularly to maintain contact with the service while they are on the waiting list. This helps our clients to feel reassured, increasing satisfaction with the service and preventing complaints.

Also attending the presentation were CEO Dr Nick Broughton, Trust Chair David Walker, Lead Governor Mike Hobbs, Associate Director of Communications and Engagement Jane Appleton and Deputy Team Leader Jane Turner.

Comments from former service users

A former service user (who is now working in the Complex Needs Service) said:

“There is no doubt Debbie has touched many people’s lives for the better.”

This sums up the difference Debbie has made to our team, and service users.

Debbie met another ex-service user as he was storming out of a therapy group once. She took him aside and spoke to him. In his words:

“She reminded me I was there for me. That I was not alone or unsupported and if I left now, I would have repeated something I’d been doing my whole life. Because of her support that day, I finished my therapy. Today I am her colleague. I am not unique in my story, Debbie has supported many people who come to CNS, always with empathy and a kind word. If you were to talk to ex-service users, her kindness, support, and knowledge is always remembered. She helped to change my life.”

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Published: 5 April 2023