Working together to keep patients safe

Sunday, 17 September is World Patient Safety Day. This year’s theme is Engaging with Patients and their Families, recognising the real value of working in partnership

Working together to keep patients safe

At Oxford Health we’re committed to keep improving the safety of the care we provide.

The Trust recognises and supports the need to empower patients and families to be actively involved in their care and also in the improvement of safety.

The way the NHS responds to patient safety incidents is changing. Under the new national Patient Safety Incident Response Framework we are developing our approach to be more supportive, compassionate and engaging for everyone affected by a serious incident. That means focusing on understanding how and why incidents happen, rather than blame, to allow for more effective learning, sustainable change and ultimately safer care for patients. To find out more about the national changes go to NHS England.

‘Compassionate Communication, Meaningful Engagement’ is a new guide for all NHS staff which aims to improve collaboration with patients, their families and carers following a patient safety event. Developed with NHS Trusts across England in partnership with Making Families Count CIC, the guide includes principles of compassionate engagement, roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals, and information about the processes following an incident. It also brings together a range of signposting information and resources for families and staff.

If you would like to share you experiences from a past investigation into a patient safety incident find out more about ‘Compassionate Communication, Meaningful Engagement’ or be part of identifying the changes we need to make, we would really like to hear from you. You can get in touch by emailing our patient safety team or by providing anonymous feedback via our bespoke patient safety survey. All information shared will be used to inform the changes we make.

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Published: 17 September 2023