World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day

As many as thirty people with a variety of mental health needs in Oxford City and Bicester rely on Max Neil every day.

Max, 28 is one of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust’s team of 15 mental health practitioners working in the adult mental health assessment and treatment team, supporting people with conditions to live their lives to their fullest.

Max provides practical support, motivating his patients and acting as a ‘gatekeeper’ with other agencies like Oxfordshire County Council, drug and alcohol services, housing and money support services to focus on someone as a whole, rather than defining them by their illness.

While psychiatric treatments and medication is important in recovery, to prevent relapse and readmission an effective social care package needs to be in place. This is where Max comes in.

He provides therapeutic support like low level cognitive behavioural therapy and graded exposure – treating and helping people overcome anxiety or phobias that may be preventing them building a support network in the community.

Max said: “I support and assess vulnerable people with mental health problems living in the community and I work to reduce the risk of people harming themselves or others on a daily basis.

“It really makes your job worthwhile when you see people make steps towards impressive changes in their lives, but this can often take time and patience.”

If you are interested in social work or working for Oxford Health, please visit the careers section on our website to see the latest opportunities.

Published: 19 March 2019