World Stroke Day – Saturday October 29

Colleagues from Oxford Health are highlighting the importance of spotting and preventing a major cause of death in the UK.

World Stroke Day – Saturday October 29

World Stroke Day is held on October 29 every year to raise awareness, discuss prevention and ensure better care and treatment for stroke survivors.

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the UK and sadly, the leading cause of disability.

The Trust’s leading Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (OSRU) is based at Abingdon Community Hospital and is made up of a multidisciplinary team who work to support stroke patients regain their independence and return to the community.

Dawn Roberts, Matron at Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (OSRU), said: “It is so important to recognise and understand signs of a stroke so you can get help quickly.

“Every second after a stroke is precious and the longer it takes to get to hospital and receive treatment, the greater the damage. We advise all to follow the FAST campaign checklist which urges you to act fast and consider the following.”

  • Is their Face weak?
  • Is their Arm weak?
  • Is their Speech affected?
  • If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, it is Time to call 999

Dawn explained: “There are certain lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of stroke. Stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake, and exercising regularly are all highly recommended.

“High blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke and with around a third of people in the UK unknowingly suffering with high blood pressure, it’s so important to be aware of it early. Atrial fibrillation also increases the risk of stroke therefore it’s important to manage it correctly and check your heart rhythm regularly.”

To learn more about the Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation service, visit their webpage here for lots of information. Please also read the resources below for advice and support on strokes. Remember, act FAST if yourself or someone else is showing signs of a stroke. It could just save a life.

 The Stroke Association fact sheet

 FAST campaign

Blood Pressure UK

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Published: 28 October 2022