Webinar: Managing the complexities of identity

Managing the complexities of identity as an ethnically diverse member of staff in the NHS

Speaker: Dr Riya Patel, Research Fellow, Research Centre for Intelligent Healthcare, Coventry University

Date: Thursday 16th December 2021 16:00 – 17:00

About the speaker

Dr Riya Patel is a psychologist and behavioural scientist, who works in academia and public health researching the intersectionality of religion, spirituality, culture and health.

She is involved with several projects that explore the role of religion and spirituality in a wide range of health conditions (e.g., breast cancer, obesity, disordered eating, domestic violence).

She has an international reputation for her research into religion, spirituality and health, and has just developed a taxonomy of religious practices that have been empirically tested within healthcare.

Riya is passionate about delivering holistic healthcare and is a huge advocate for improving health inequalities among culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

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