About us

What we do

Oxford Healthcare Improvement (OHI) Centre aims to support the Trust in providing outstanding care of people in hospital, in the community and their homes. The long-term vision is to build sustainable quality improvement through collaborative working and strategic partnerships.

Utilising feedback

Sustainable quality improvement (QI) considers feedback from the staff, service users, carers and families that are part of Oxford Health. Utilising this feedback to identify, test and implement tests of changes to improve the quality of healthcare.

Our coaching in projects and training programmes seek to build capability at all levels in the Trust and give every staff member the opportunity to participate in QI training. We embrace a learning culture that focuses on local need, using established QI methods and taking an evidence-based approach to healthcare.


We work with national and international organisations, universities, health and social care providers, commissioners, health innovation network, patient safety collaborative and industrial partners.

The need

Why does Oxford Health need an Improvement Unit? There are many reasons, but the two main ones are:

  • To meet the needs of patients, families and staff at local level. Everyone has stories of problems they would like to fix, improvements they would like to make ‘if only I had the time’ and ‘if only I knew how’. Operational priorities are always critical but, alongside this, all organisations need a capacity for longer term problem solving.
  • A host of organisations including the Care Quality Commission, NHS England and other NHS leaders realise the NHS needs to substantially increase its capacity to learn, reflect and to make sustainable long-term improvements. The NHS is brilliant at short-term firefighting and managing immediate crisis. This is necessary but we also need a capacity to deal with long term vulnerabilities in the system, which cause distress, harm, waste and staff exhaustion.

Forward thinking

OHI has been formed to work with everyone in the Trust to support the development of this longer-term improvement capacity. We do this by:

  • Training and support to lead improvement projects. We offer 3 different levels of QI training programmes and contribute to many other Trust courses and inductions.
  • Collaborative improvement projects with Trust teams to define and analyse a problem, develop measures and interventions, implement change programmes, sustain and spread changes over time.
  • Horizon scanning for future projects and identifying stakeholders, literature review, measurement, data analysis, leadership support, and longer term sustainability.

Page last reviewed: 28 November, 2023