Meet our Alumni of staff who can support OHI and help drive QI throughout the organisation. They help others to use the skills and knowledge gained from the courses that OHI provide.

Britta Klinck

Deputy Director of Nursing for mental health

Britta qualified as a registered mental health nurse in 1994, she has worked for Oxford health for 26years, ad has had a broad range of experience in delivering mental health services and caring for people with mental health issues.

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Starting her career in acute inpatient wards, she has worked as a clinician in community mental health, crisis and liaison psychiatry and assertive outreach services, she has managed and led a wide variety of services across inpatient and community teams in her previous roles as service manager and Head of Nursing.

Her commitment to quality is rooted in the actual delivery of care as it is experienced by the patient and their families, and the belief that this is what drives and inspires all mental health professionals. She has an MSc in coaching and behavioural change, and is passionate about supporting teams to achieve best possible outcomes in caring for patients and each other, and to support the development of strong and inspiring leaders, who can drive the Mental Health agenda and quality of care forward.

Britta has a range of experience in using Quality Improvement methodology as a way of creating real sustainable and meaningful improvement to the care delivered to patients, from small locally based projects to broader system wide improvements, and has first hand experience of the transformation this can bring not only to the quality of service delivered, but to the empowerment and confidence it brings to all staff involved in quality improvement.

Britta is proud to be part of the OHI team as a committed improver and Senior Mental Health Nurse advisor.


Page last reviewed: 27 September, 2021