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Angie Fletcher

Head of Quality Improvement

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Dr. Daniel Maughan

Medical Lead
MD FRC Psych

Dr Daniel Maughan is medical lead for Oxford Healthcare Improvement and consultant psychiatrist for the early intervention service for Oxfordshire. He is also the Associate Registrar for sustainability at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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He has an active interest in clinical research, with a particular focus on sustainable quality improvement and early psychosis. He has published several research papers on service developments in mental health, authored national reports about waste in the NHS, led the RCPsych ‘Choosing Wisely’ programme, and developed national level policy and commissioning guidance.

He completed a doctoral fellowship with RCPsych based at Warwick, has undertaken a Fellowship with the NHS Leadership Academy and has postgraduate qualifications in leadership, service improvement and university.

Sophie Garland

Centre Manager

Sophie has worked for many years in Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust as part of the operational management team with the Urgent and Ambulatory Care Service.

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She worked in various roles firstly as a coordinator, project officer and most recently as the Unit Manager before she joined Oxford Healthcare Improvement.

Sophie gained experience in leadership and management in the community and working at the frontline of clinical care. She is passionate about innovation, improvement and safety, and her previous work has been geared around introducing interventions to improve patient care, staff wellbeing and education within the service.

Sophie has supported a wide range of clinical and non-clinical staff and patient groups across the county of Oxfordshire. Most recently, she was involved in a research project with colleagues from the Department of Primary Health Care Sciences at the University of Oxford, and the team presented preliminary findings at the annual Royal College of General Practitioners conference in 2017. The poster presentation won runner up in the Innovation Award.

Sophie has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Health and Social Care at Oxford Brookes University and is planning to complete her dissertation and finish her MSc.

Dr. David Francis Hunt

Research Lead
BSc, PhD

David gained a BSc (Hons) Experimental Psychology in 2013 and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Bristol in 2018. His thesis investigated the perceptual biases associated with disease avoidance. David has published in the areas of disease avoidance, obesity stigma, prejudice, and the between- and within-group processes of group psychology.

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During his PhD, David held two research positions. In the first position, he worked as a psychology fieldworker in the Children of the 90s project, conducting various psychological and psychiatric tests with participants. In the second position, he worked as a research assistant for the Social Research Unit, evaluating a family-based intervention under the Realising Ambitions project.

David has extensive project management experience in the areas of education and social welfare law (SWL). In education, he worked on the ‘Every Child Matters’ initiative, implementing and evaluating a series of extra-curricular activities for underprivileged children and their families. In SWL, he implemented a series of initiatives to help build infrastructure and capacity to enable vulnerable people to access information and advice. During these projects, David was commissioned to produce a series of reports that included a SWL advice needs analysis of North Somerset and an impact report on an IT provision scheme.

After his PhD, David joined the Data Science team at the Medical Research Council. During this time, he helped design and implement the evaluation and assurance frameworks for Health Data Research UK, a flagship institute designed to promote and enable the use of health data science for the purposes of discovery science and improving the health of the population.

In 2019, David joined the University of Oxford as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and will support the work of the Oxford Health Improvement team as part of his role. He also holds an honorary position as a Senior Research Associate at the School of Psychological Sciences, University of Bristol.

Soo Yeo

Improvement lead
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Chartered Physiotherapist

Soo is passionate about building capability in quality improvement (QI) and patient safety science. She also has a keen interest in Human Factors as well as Demand and Capacity. She trained as a physiotherapist in University of Birmingham and graduated in 1998.

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She has clinical interests in rehabilitation, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, urgent and ambulatory care, frailty and community care.

Soo has equal dedication and passion in leadership, coaching, strategy, operations and management. She is a graduate of the Ready Now programme for senior leaders with NHS Leadership Academy.

Soo believes in creating the capacity for dialogue, engagement, diversity and inclusion. She strives to build an environment of empowerment for the patients, staff and teams.

She enjoys coaching conversations and cultivates the habit of critical reflective thinking to engage those around her to work together for the benefit of patient.

Soo has an inquiry mind and enjoys analysing and synthesising ideas and information. She also continually seeks to understand strategy and cultivate authentic leadership.

Dr Rachel Reeves

Improvement lead
RGN, DPhil

Rachel is a health services researcher specialising in patient experience, survey methods, questionnaire design, improving the quality of patient care, and the national patient survey programme for England.

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She qualified as a registered general nurse in 1986 and has more than ten years nursing experience in the National Health Service, and in 2000, she was awarded a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Oxford.

From 2001 to 2005, Rachel was the manager for the Co-ordination Centre for NHS Surveys at the Picker Institute Europe, where she designed and implemented a new national patient survey programme for England. She subsequently worked as a freelance research consultant in health services research for various organisations, including the Department of Health (Cancer Patient Experience Survey and Independent Sector Patient Experience Survey), the Care Quality Commission, and the Scottish Government.

Between 2007 and 2017, alongside her freelance work, she was also employed as a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Greenwich. Her work focused on maximising the impact of patient survey results to improve the quality of patient care and testing interventions aimed at improving the impact of patient surveys.

Rachel is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and she began working at Oxford Healthcare Improvement in June 2018.

Ashley Harvey

Improvement Facilitator

Ashley has worked in various roles across the NHS across London and the south. He is a qualified Project Manager and was part of the team that established the Quality Improvement Academy at one of London’s largest hospitals, St George’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Ashley has qualifications in Leadership, service & quality improvement and change management and is a qualified Coach working with several staff members across the NHS. He is passionate about quality improvement and creating a culture where change and improvement is encouraged and undertaken by all.

Ashley has a keen interest in the support of Dementia patients and has worked with several charities to create dementia friendly areas in hospitals.

Clare O’Callaghan

​Improvement Facilitator

Clare has worked in many roles within the NHS, from a Health Care Assistant in Intensive Care to most recently a Clinical Governance and Risk Practitioner at Oxford University Hospitals, before becoming part of the Oxford Healthcare Improvement team.

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Clare is a registered Operating Department Practitioner (Allied Health Professional) who has completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Adopting Innovation and Managing Change in healthcare settings. Clare has worked in the NHS for nearly all of her working life, which has given her many years of first-hand experience of understanding the NHS.

Clare deeply cares about consistently striving for sustainable Quality Improvements and working for the best possible outcomes. Clare is also dedicated to supporting and facilitating a learning culture that is patient centred, focused on local needs and uses Quality Improvement methods to demonstrate an evidence-based approach to healthcare.

Mia Morgan

​Research coordinator
BSc, MSc

Mia gained a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from Bournemouth University in 2018 and achieved the BPS Undergraduate Award.

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Her dissertation into the own gender bias in face recognition went onto be published. Following this, she gained a MSc in Applied Neuropsychology with Distinction from the University of Bristol in 2019. Her dissertation investigated how certain psychological factors can predict a person to worry about their cognition and the mediating role of mindfulness.

During this MSc, Mia developed an interest in clinical research. She went on to work as a mental health support worker, working across various wards including both male and female acute, and eventually became a permanent member of staff on an adult eating disorder ward. This experience sparked Mia’s interest in research that seeks to improve patient care, experience and outcomes. Also, she has a specific research interest in eating disorder recovery.

Mia spent a short period of time as a voluntary research assistant at The University of Bristol, assisting with the data processing and analysis of experimental studies on anxiety and working memory. She also gained experience in analysing EEG data.

At the start of 2021, Mia became a research assistant at The University of Oxford, and is supporting projects carried out by the Oxford Healthcare Improvement Team.

Page last reviewed: 30 November, 2021