“For the Learning Disability Service working with OHI has been exciting, illuminating, and has taught us to step back and diagnose properly. It has been really helpful in that it prevents us wasting energy on solutions that won’t add value, improve patient outcomes and experience.”

Liz Williams, Service Director for Learning Disabilities

“Embarking on the OHI Improvement Scholars Programme has been refreshingly motivating and remarkably rewarding. Charles and Jill are amazingly skilled and visionary. They have successfully created a thoughtful, caring, encouraging and extremely supportive climate with their team of Improvement Leads and Centre Manager.

“The role-model the courage to resist reactivity and instead have the wisdom to ensure one take sufficient inquiry time to process and understand the aim and different phases of a problem/ issue. The scholars programme strikes a good balance of improvement tools and research methodology. I have found my experience as a scholar in OHI enlightening and thoroughly enthused by the passion and focus Charles, Jill and the team have on delivering high quality care for patients through embedding QI as a culture.”

Soo Yeo, Operational Manager for EMU, Hospital at Home and RACU

“The Oxford Healthcare Improvement scholar programme has enhanced my knowledge and skills in quality improvement with interesting classes and tutorials and has given me the opportunity to tackle a complex project with good support from the whole team.”

Angus McLellan, ST Psychiatrist, Chiltern AMHT

“Working with OHI has been extremely beneficial in creating a safe, skilled and responsive environment at Marlborough House. The OHI team have shared their experience and knowledge and empowered the team to feel confident in making changes and improvements. Working with OHI has taught me so much, mainly that frontline staff are the most knowledgeable about their services and therefore should be at the forefront of deciding which improvements are most important and relevant to their service. Being able to decide as a team the focus for service improvements helps to engage the team and encourage active involvement from staff.

“I believe if more areas were exposed to the methodology, and received the support and encouragement from OHI then many improvements to patient safety and care will happen.”

Lorna McGuigan, Clinical Nurse Lead, Marlborough House Adolescent Unit

“Wonderful to have a wealth of experience and knowledge to tap into with the Improvement team at your side to assist you in learning about quality improvement and honing your ideas into a deliverable project – highly recommend this to anyone who is keen to learn the smart way to improve their service!”

Jessica Deguara, Clinical Lead, Community Therapy Service, South West

“Being a Scholar at the Oxford Healthcare Improvement Centre has been an interesting experience and a steep learning curve. It has been good to work on my own Quality Improvement project, and to learn about QI on the way. The team have been very supportive and helpful and I’ve gained much experience in how to start up a quality improvement project from the beginning, how to collect and analyse data and how to report results. And to keep going despite setbacks! It has also been good hearing about the variety of different projects from the other Scholars this year.”

Romaine Dekker, ST Psychiatrist, Learning Disabilities

“As a ‘black and white’ thinker, I struggled at times to rationalise and accept the QI process, but the team were very supportive and helped me to understand the theory. What I have learned on the Frontline Improvement Course will help me greatly in the future to implement service improvements in the most effective way.”

Sally Hill, Staff Nurse, Marlborough House Adolescent Unit

“The Frontline Improvement Course has given me the chance to think outside of the box and has been a great way to involve teams in making changes. The course has helped me to think more critically about mine and others’ nursing practice.”

Susannah Lock, Cotswold House Adolescent Unit

Page last reviewed: 27 September, 2021