Admitting patients to Allen Ward

Reducing time spent by nurses on documentation when admitting patients on Allen Ward using keyboard-equipped iPads

Objectives and concerns

Allen ward is an acute psychiatric ward for women. The ward is working to increase the reliability of critical care processes with the aim of reducing waste, improving quality and safety. Nurses on the ward currently document admissions on paper, which is then entered into the CareNotes electronic medical record. Information is therefore documented both manually onto paper and into the electronic system. creating opportunities for error.


To reduce time spent by nurses documenting nursing tasks to complete formal admissions by using iPads rather than paper forms.

About this project


The project employed the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) Improvement model.  The team began by creating a process map to document the current process to admit patients under the Mental Health Act.   This identified several areas where entering information directly into CareNotes would save time and improve safety.  The team then created a driver diagram to identify changes that could be made including the use of iPads during face to face assessments, a review of documentation (amount of information needed and design), IT training needs and availability of information.


  • Three Clamcase keyboards were procured and ready for deployment.
  • Training sessions organised to increase confidence in use of iPads.
  • Baseline data collected to track the amount of time required to document admissions.

Non-urgent advice: Further information

Local project leads

  • Noki Ndimande, Senior Matron
  • Olga Tsatalou, Consultant

QI Project Support

  • Tony Perry, Improvement Lead
  • Dr Jill Bailey, Associate Clinical Director

Page last reviewed: 27 September, 2021