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The OMHP understands how important family and friends can be to an individual’s recovery. Each organization within the Partnership aims to include family and friends. We also work closely with Rethink and signpost carers to their excellent support facilities. Find out more information here.

Oxford Health have achieved a 3 star rating with the Triangle of Care. This is a standard at which we constantly assess how we are supporting carers and ways to improve this. They are currently working in collaboration with carers to develop a new carers strategy which will lead further work around carers.

Oxford Health also have a website dedicated to providing support and information to friends and family.

We also want to hear your views on our services. You are able to contact the Oxford Health PALS service for any complaints or advice needed.

Response have a family and friends network from which encourages carers to get involved and receive support from them in areas including referrals, moving in, physical health checks, meetings with managers and more.

Restore have put together a carers information pack which can be found here:

Elmore are aware that Carers are often a major factor in promoting clients’ wellbeing. They work in partnership with Carers in helping people on their way to recovery, whilst also consulting with the client about how much they would like to share.