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Early Intervention in Psychosis

This service was setup to support individuals when they first develop symptoms of psychosis. Symptoms vary a lot but common signs are:

  • seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations);
  • feeling as someone or something is interfering with your mind or body (ideas of reference);
  • having thoughts people are conspiring against you or are talking about you on the TV or radio (delusions);
  • struggling keeping thoughts in order or keeping track of tasks (thought disorder).

The service aims to intervene early and get you back on track after your first episode.

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Perinatal Service

The Oxfordshire Perinatal Service has been setup specifically to help support women with severe and complex mental health issues during pregnancy and after. They offer a variety of interventions based on the support the mother requires. This might include cognitive behavioural therapy, preconception advice and guidance, guidance and support for the partner and family, support around the mother and baby relationship.

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Complex Needs

Complex Needs Service are specialist services for people who have long-term emotional difficulties, trouble coping, or mental health difficulties sometimes described as a personality disorder or complex needs. 

Oxford Health and Elmore both provide services to support people with these difficulties with Oxford Health providing group therapy with varying intensity whilst Elmore supports people on a more one to one basis to live independently.

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