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Both Oxfordshire Mind and Response offer a range of supported housing throughout the whole of Oxfordshire. Both aim to develop individual’s independence whilst also providing the support they need to live successfully and safely.

Types of housing

Response housing campus at Littlemore

This housing is aimed at individuals who require high levels of support in their day to day lives. This is usually bested suited to those who are just coming out of hospital. Support is onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if needed. The campus is based on the Littlemore Hospital Site and is aimed at those who no longer need inpatient care but whom more stable housing is not yet achievable for them. This service is operated by Response.

Transitional housing

This is most suited to individuals who are looking for more independence but still require some support. Staff are usually available 9-5pm, Monday to Friday either on site or close by. Some housing has staff that visit regularly, which allows for residences to have maximum independence. Residents are supported to move out into independent housing after 2 years. They work in partnership with other organisations to help residents connect with the community. This is offered in Oxford City by Response and Mind, North Oxfordshire by Response and South and West by Oxfordshire Mind. Unless there is a specified need to live on your own all accommodation is shared.   You will be sharing your bathroom and kitchen facilities, but your room will be your own.

Longer term housing

Response offer care and support teams who assist those who need long term care. They are based with Oxford City and South Oxfordshire and aim to offer a seamless service to those who need it the most. This provides shared and self-contained housing with options to buy other services that are available e.g. meals, cleaning, laundry service etc.


In order to be eligible for supported housing there are certain criteria that need to be filled. These are as follows:

  • You have to have a local connection to Oxfordshire (this means you need to be registered to an Oxfordshire GP and one of the following – have a residential address in Oxfordshire, or your last residential address was in Oxfordshire, or are working in Oxfordshire or have close family you are in contact with in Oxfordshire)
  • You need to have a severe and enduring mental illness (cluster 4-17)
  • You need to have no other suitable housing available
  • You are unable to live independently and need supported accommodation
  • You have recourse to public funds (this means you are entitled to claim and receive benefits such as Universal Credit and Housing Benefits)
  • You are in receipt of benefits or have sufficient funds to pay rent and service charge
  • You are aged between 18 and 65
  • You are willing and able to work with support workers towards recovery/ improvement of mental ill health